Appearance Protection

Top-Notch Automotive Appearance Protection Solutions

Safeguard Your Vehicle From Rust and Dust!

Getting your vehicle protected from rust reduces the maintenance costs and keeps it running for years. Add longevity to your vehicle's life by getting it protected against rust. TST Appearance Center provides you excellent auto rust proofing and undercoating solutions at affordable prices. 

Protect Your Vehicle Against Rust That Is Caused by 

  • Road salt
  • Dirt
  • Dust-control chemicals
  • Industrial pollution

Enhance the Look of Your Vehicle by Choosing Our Leather, Fabric and Paint Solutions

We're sure that you love to flaunt the interiors of your vehicle. Our leather and fabric protection treatments add both style and function to your vehicle by protecting them from spills, fading, etc. Depend on us for all your automobile upholstery solutions.

Are you worried about parking your vehicle in the sun? TST Appearance Center is here to help you by protecting your vehicle's paint from fading and oxidation with our TST 5000 Activator paint sealant.

Your Vehicle Will Be Protected Against the Following:

  • Spills
  • Stains
  • Fading
  • Cracking
Reach out to us at
419-841-4646 to get your vehicle protected 
against rust.
Yes! I am very picky about my vehicles! TST is a Company used by many of the Care Dealer's on the "Central Avenue Strip!" If they can please me, "They Can Please Anybody!"

-Benjamin Stephens
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